Individual Readings

There are two options for longer individual readings:
1) Single-person telephone readings.
2) Three-person readings in your home or business.

I prefer 30-minute readings. I’ve found that this is long enough to address the most serious concern (or two) you might have without getting overwhelmed with information. If you have additional concerns or areas of your life you’d like to explore in depth, then multiple sessions may be worthwhile. I also believe that much of the value of a reading comes from your interaction with the cards; being able to see and touch them in person is best. If you are fortunate enough to live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend the in-home readings.

One-person readings

I do individual one-person or one-couple sessions over the phone. Unlike many other readers, I don’t charge by the minute — I charge by the session. The sessions are generally about 30 minutes long; they might be a few minutes longer. The fee for this session is $60.

Scheduling a reading is easy. Send me an e-mail with a couple of proposed days/times you would like. (Generally, this should be between 10 am and 7 pm PST.) We can usually find a mutually agreeable time and date within the next three to five days, often sooner, that works for both of us. (If you have an urgent issue, feel free to suggest something sooner.) You should also send the telephone number at which I will call you on the date of the reading. I will e-mail you back to confirm.

On the date/time of the reading, I will call you for the session. It is also possible to do a “couples” reading, with more than one person using a conference call.

Payment is expected prior to the session. You will use PayPal (just click the button below) and I will be notified by e-mail that the payment has been made.

3-Person Session in Your Home

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area and within 30 miles of Redwood City, I provide individual 30-minute readings in the comfort of your own home – with 3 people (or couples) booked sequentially at the same location. In other words, you invite two of your friends to have readings at your home (or business), too. These are individual and private readings for each person or couple, but doing multiple readings in one location helps me be efficient and keeps the cost down for you.

The cost for the three sessions is $250. Payment is due prior to the session. Once you book a session, you may reschedule ONCE (provided the date is available) with at least 7 days notice before the originally scheduled date.

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